Minor Injuries Unit - Felixstowe Community Hospital

Our Minor Injuries Unit at Felixstowe Hospital is open from 7.00am to 10.00pm every day and is provided by the Suffolk GP Federation.

Constable Road
Felixstowe IP11 7HJ

Telephone: 01394 458848
Fax: 01394 458849

We provide a general minor injuries service, telephone and drop-in advice, as well as other services in partnership with other organisations.

 Phlebotomy service between 8am and 9am every weekday by appointment only. To book, please telephone 01394 458848 after 1pm.

 X-ray is available on Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday mornings

A Leg Ulcer clinic is run jointly with the District Nurses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Urgent E.C.Gs, or routine via GP referral

Outpatient clinics during the week, including: Dietetics, Colo-Rectal, Heart Failure, Ultrasound, Cardiac rehab, Community Orhthoptist, Care of the Elderly, Continence, Stoma and Rheumatology.

Injections, intravenous therapy, enhanced minor operations

Replacement hearing aid batteries and tubing

Chlamydia screening

Emergency contraception.

The most common injuries we deal with are cuts, bites, stings, burns, scalds and sprains.

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