How to apply

We receive referrals from a variety of sources:

Referrals from Health Care Professionals, including:





Please note that not all patients who are assessed will qualify for regular treatment with a podiatrist.


Self Referrals:

We currently accept referrals direct from the patient or the parent or guardian of children aged 5 years or older. Simply complete the application form, available by clicking on the red button below, and return it to:


Yvonne Godden (Single Access Podiatry Referrals)

Podiatry Office

Allington House

427  Woodbridge Road




email: WSCCG.suffolk-podiatry@nhs.net

Click this button to download an application...

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Will my referral be accepted?

              Your referral may be rejected and the application returned to you if:

1) The patient is under the age of 5 years old

2) If the referral form has not been completed properly. In order to process your referral we need your name, address, date of birth, telephone number and the reason why you want to see a podiatrist.

What should I expect from my apointment?

                Every patient receives an initial assessment from a fully qualified Podiatrist. The outcome of this assessment will decide the type of treatment that you may receive in the future. Please be aware that regular access to podiatry care on the NHS is determined by how severe a patient's underlying medical conditions are and whether they are likely to develop a complication that could be severely life changing or require hospital care, unless they receive regular podiatry treatment. 

Can I contact the podiatry office by telephone?

                The podiatry office can be contacted on the following numbers:

                            For queries on new referrals call : 01473 275 257

                            For queries regarding existing patients call : 01473 275204

Please be aware that this telephone number may not be staffed at all times and you may be asked to leave an answerphone message so that we can return your call.  

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