Clinic Types

Foot Health Podiatry Clinics

This is the first port of call for most patients. Assessment and treatment is available for a broad variety of foot conditions along with relevant advice and education. Due to high demand, regular on-going access to these clinics is limited to those higher-risk  patients who are at risk of developing complications. Your risk status will be assessed by the podiatrist at your first appointment. Lower-risk patients will be discharged with advice on self-care following assessment. Where appropriate, lower-risk patients will be provided with a short course of treatment followed by discharge. If necessary patients may be referred on to more specialist podiatry clinics or other health-care professionals.

Specialist Nail Surgery Clinics

If you have a toenail that pierces the skin of the toe, resulting in repeated infections, you may need nail surgery. Nail surgery is a procedure to remove all or part of a toenail under local anaesthesia. Your doctor, nurse or podiatrist may refer you to the nail surgery team. Due to the specialised nature of the service nail surgery is only available in certain locations. You will be asked to select your preferred clinic during the application process.

Specialist Biomechanics Clinics

Biomechanics clinics are for patients who experience foot and ankle pain. The approach takes a particular interest in the way a patient stands and walks. Sometimes this also includes problems with the hips knees and back. Biomechanics specialist podiatrists use special insoles, known as “orthoses”, that fit into your shoe and change the way that the muscles and joints work, so that painful structures are not over exerted. This can help to prevent damage and reduce pain.

Specialist Foot Protection Clinics

These specialised clinics ensure that those patients with diabetes with a history of foot ulceration, amputation or Charcot neuro-arthropathy are seen regularly by podiatrists with advanced diabetic footcare training. Their aim is to:-  

  • To provide quick access to those patients with diabetes identified as High Risk according to NICE
  • To provide a step up/step down service between Community Podiatry and the Hospital Diabetic Foot clinic
  • To provide first-class assessment, monitoring and care of those patients who have had a foot ulceration or Charcot Neuro-arthropathy
  • To enhance communication and good links between all staff groups involved in patient care
  • To promote patient self-care where this is safe

Children's Feet (Specialist Podopaediatrics)

Most children's foot problems are part of normal growing up and often need no treatment at all apart from good supportive footwear. However, we can help to provide treatment and advice for painful foot conditions.

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