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 Our Biomechanics Centre at Walker Close In Ipswich is dedicated to treating patients with muscoskeletal conditions (also known as the Biomechancis clinic).  

The site is shared with the Suffolk Foot Surgery Centre. 

Walker Close is positioned off Pearson Road, which is on the Foxhall Road.     

You may find the following information useful if you are attending Walker Close for an appointment:

What to bring: 

Please bring an up-to-date list of your medications with you to your appointments as your podiatrist may periodically need to check any medications that you are taking. Please bring with a you a selection of footwear, and follow the instruction on the footwear advice leaflet that should have been provided with your appointment letter, good footwear is a vital part of any treatment plan. Please also bring any orthoses (insoles) that you have previously tried as this may help with your assessment.


Please allow enough time to park your car as parking is limited on site.

Drive into Pearson Road and then take the first left into Walker Close and our car park is on the left. If there are no spaces, drive out of the car park and turn left – it is often possible to find a space by the side of the road or on the ‘green’ areas under the trees. If there are no spaces, the only option may be to drive back out on to Foxhall Road and find a side street for parking.    

When arriving for your appointment: 

Please report to reception as you walk through the main entrance, who will make a note of your arrival. (Please note that this is the reception for the Suffolk Foot Surgery Centre rather than the Biomechanics Centre. Although reception staff are provided with a list of names of all patients attending for the day they may be unable to address any queries about the Biomechanics service or your treatment with us). 

Please pass through reception and into the waiting area. The Biomechanics team staff will collect you from this waiting room. 

How to contact the podiatry Biomechanics clinic at Walker Close:

For queries regarding your appointment or general queries regarding the service, please telephone Allington House on 01473 275204 and leave a voicemail message.

If you have any queries on the day of your appointment please telephone the Biomechanics Centre direct on 01473 321294 and leave a message.   

Clinic Address:

Suffolk Podiatry Services
Biomechanics Centre
1 Walker Close

Types of clinic available at this location

Aldeburgh Clinic

What does this mean ?

Foot Health Podiatry Clinics : No

Biomechanics Clinics : Yes

Nail Surgery Clinics : No

Specialist Diabetes Foot Protection Clinics  : No

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